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New Jersey IV Dental Sedation

A dental experience unlike any other.

What is IV dental sedation?

Whether you’re riddled with dental phobia, disabled, elderly, or just have a big operation coming up that you’re a bit fearful of, Comfort Dental Clinic in New Jersey offers you the option of IV dental sedation. Sometimes referred to as Dental Intravenous Anesthesia or as we like to call it in our office “Twilight Sedation”, IV sedation is designed to completely strip away your anxiety and fully relax you for whatever dental work you may need to have done.

We consider ourselves experts in this field of sedation dentistry, and believe that our Twilight Sedation methods are a true niche for our practice. Our Comfort Dental Clinic staff in New Jersey is expertly trained and we utilize a Board-Certified anaesthesiologist to ensure your safety for every single Twilight Sedation treatment we administer.

With your safety and comfort levels both being constantly monitored, your procedure will go by faster than any other dental procedure you’ve ever had. You will likely drift in and out of sleep, but remain completely calm, relaxed, and comfortable the entire way through.

Our Twilight Sedation offers truly pain free procedures for all.

What are the benefits of IV dental sedation?

Through our own Twilight Sedation methods, and with the help of our Board-Certified anaesthesiologist you’ll be wondering why you ever had dental anxiety in the first place. That’s the benefit of IV dental sedation at Comfort Dental Clinic in New Jersey.

Looking to book IV dental sedation treatment in New Jersey? Contact Us online today to schedule an appointment at Comfort Dental Clinic.

IV Dental Sedation Fort Lee New Jersey - Comfort Dental

We welcome patients of all ages.

We look forward to welcoming you and provide you the best dental care in New Jersey. 


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