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New Jersey Tooth Extractions

Tooth pain doesn’t have to be permanent.

What are tooth extractions?

An extraction is precisely what it sounds like; the permanent removal of your tooth. There are many factors that precede your need for an extraction by Comfort Dental Clinic in New Jersey, some include:

  • Severe tooth decay

  • Advanced periodontal disease

  • Broken tooth is beyond restoration

  • Poor positioning in the mouth (impacted teeth)

  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment

Tooth extractions done at Comfort Dental Clinic in New Jersey can be completed through surgical or non-surgical means. When choosing what treatment will work best for you, your dentist will consider many things including how old you are and the current level of your physical condition.

What are the benefits of tooth extractions?

A tooth extraction can be a life-saving procedure. Left untreated, dental abscesses can fatally spread bacteria throughout your body’s bloodstream meaning that tooth extractions can prevent more serious general conditions from developing as time goes on. Without question one of the greatest benefits of a tooth extraction is the life-saving measures being taken by Comfort Dental Clinic in New Jersey.

While not every patient may realize it, a tooth extraction is oftentimes a true wake-up call for them to take better care of themselves. It’s not unusual for patients to begin making large lifestyle changes post-tooth extraction at Comfort Dental Clinic in New Jersey.

Looking to book a tooth extraction in New Jersey? Contact Us online today to schedule an appointment at Comfort Dental Clinic.

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